Woodson Black Fest 24' (WBF) Oversized Tee
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Woodson Black Fest 24' (WBF) Oversized Tee

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Embrace the versatility of the Oversized faded t-shirt, designed for those who appreciate the art of layering and creating unique outfits that effortlessly fuse modern trends with a hint of nostalgia.

Celebrate Black History Month with the 3rd annual Woodson Black Fest at CAMH.

In honor of the distinguished author and thinker Carter G. Woodson, the Woodson Black Fest brings enlightenment, creativity, and innovation to celebrate Black artists and artisans’ contributions.

This year’s Woodson Black Fest will be featuring a comic and illustrator panel, spoken word performances, music, and dance.

Performance by

Outspoken Bean, Curator
Stacey Allen
Russel Guess